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3 in 1 Wax Clean Polish Protect

3-in-1 Wax


Code: G191016
  • Advanced abrasive technology quickly and safely removes swirls, light scratches, water spots and other light paint blemishes.
  • Rich polishing oils add depth, boosting colour, clarity and gloss.
  • A unique blend of Carnauba and synthetic waxes provides an extremely resilient, long lasting, and durable protective barrier against the elements.
  • So easy to apply and buff to a shine by hand or with a DA Polisher machine.
  • Safe to use on all types of vehicle paint including delicate clear coats.
  • Includes a Soft Foam Applicator Pad for easy, effective application.

Meguiar’s 3-in-1 Wax cleans, polishes and protects, delivering amazing results. For a one-step solution to a truly brilliant wet-look shine, this is it! Use with a DA polisher machine or by hand using the included Soft Foam Applicator Pad.

Weight 0.55 kg
Pack Size
473 ml


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