Uro-Fibre Finisher Pad


Code: CB6920B

Designed to maximise performance when polishing and finishing vehicle paint to a very high gloss using a DA Polisher. Features plush long fibres that quickly remove light swirls and paint surface defects, finishing to an extremely refined high gloss , concours-perfect finish.

  • Use with all DA polishers
  • Plush microfibre pile for ultra-refined finishing with defect removal ability
  • Multi-layer padding system enables compatibility with both 5-inch and 6-inch backing plates
  • Easy Velcro-type attachment
  • Excellent on softer paints and paints prone to swirling
  • Does not clog up like conventional microfibre pads allowing for a longer working time between cleaning
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Centre cut-out provides cooling for safe polishing
  • Use with automotive finishing polishes, cleaner waxes and paint sealants.


Weight 0.55 kg


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