Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc 6″


Code: DFC6
  • Especially developed for use with dual action/orbital polisher machines.
  • Hard foam technology for use with moderate to aggressive cutting compounds for fast and effective paint defect removal including light scratches, swirls, etching, oxidation and paint transfer.
  • Low profile provides for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • 15 cm (6-inch) diametre pad face.
  • Quick and easy disc changes with micro hook and loop attachment system.
  • Machine washable.

Specifically formulated for use with moderate to heavy cutting compounds for fast and effective paint defect removal with a dual action (DA) polisher machine. Perfectly balanced rotation for smooth easy buffing. Foam cell technology helps keep the paint surface cool. Can be used with any suitable backing plate on a dual action polisher.

Pack Size
6″ ⌀


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