Meguiar's Deep Crystal ultra Paint Coating

Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating


Code: M68802
  • Our professional high-end polymer enhanced siloxane-based paint coating system for long-term, extreme paint protection – for when only the best will do.
  • Far more resilient that conventional waxes and paint sealants, it is like an extra layer of clear coat paint for your car.
  • Creates a dramatic hydrophobic effect that forces water into beads and repels them from the surface.
  • Protects the paint from acid rain, industrial fallout, UV damage and marring from surface abrasion.
  • Creates a barrier that does not haze, crack or peel even under extreme conditions.
  • Resin-curing content for darker, deeper wet-look gloss.
  • In the kit: 60 ml bottle of Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating sufficient to do 1 large SUV or two small cars, a purpose designed microfibre applicator pad, high quality microfibre detailing towel and protective gloves.

Our most resilient and long-lasting paint protection coating ever! For best results we recommend that this coating be applied by trained professional detailers only.

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