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Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt


Code: X3002EU
  • Plush pile, dense microfibre washing mitt for safe and effective car washing.
  • Wear as a glove or as a conventional wash pad.
  • Highly water absorbent, holds more wash solution for safe washing.
  • Microfibres pull dirt up and away from the paint surface as you wash, greatly reducing potential for swirls.


Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt is a super soft, lint free microfibre washing glove that allows for the most effective and safe hand washing possible. The plush microfibers effortlessly lift and trap dirt and grime, pulling this loose debris up and away from the paint surface, eliminating a common cause of paint swirls. Super absorbent, holding a large volume of car wash solution. Our safest, most effective, must-have car wash accessory!

Weight 0.01 kg
Pack Size
18 g


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