Endurance Tire Gel


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  • Long Lasting – lasts weeks, not days, keeping your tyres looking great. Does not wash off in the rain.
  • Dries to a non-oily finish that does not attract dust and road grime.
  • Does not sling off and create a mess when the vehicle is driven.
  • Easy application with a foam applicator pad for an even, high gloss finish with a deep, dark shine.
  • Protects tyres from turning brown and cracking over time.


Meguiar’s famous grape fragranced tyre gel! Our longest lasting, high-shine tyre gel that keeps your tyres looking their best with deep dark, long-lasting shine.


Please note that this product may ship with a non-standard bottle cap. This is due to dispenser cap shortages resulting from unprecedented global hand sanitizer demand.

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473 ml


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