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Exterior Dressing


Code: CD1705
  • Premium hybrid-silicone dressing with a medium gloss finish for all exterior rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Greatly improves and revives the appearance of old and faded rubbers and plastics, leaving surfaces with a deep, rich dark look.
  • Use on tyres and all other exterior rubber parts, plastics trim panels including bumpers, grills and wheel arches trim panels.
  • Extremely hydrophobic and water resistant – will not wash off in the rain.
  • Long lasting on tyres, leaving them looking like new. Non-oily formula will not attract dust.
  • Patch and streak free formula for a perfect finish.

Carways Detail Pro Exterior Dressing is a medium gloss dressing for tyres and all other exterior vehicle trims including rubbers and plastics. The extremely hydrophobic and water resistance properties coupled with a non-oily finish means a best-in-class super long-lasting shine that also protects the surface from the aging effects of the sun.

Pack Size
5 L


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