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Honey Wax 250


Code: ST-P5211

Honey Wax® 250 is a high-gloss, semi-permanent and extremely durable mold release paste wax for use with a broad spectrum of composite parts fabricators. Produced with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and spreading agents, Honey Wax® reduces man hours due to its exceptional ease of application and buffing.

Provides multiple pulls per application, producing ultra-high gloss finished parts. Will not stain molds or finished parts. It is easier to apply and remove than almost all other processed waxes and the residual film is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Honey Wax® creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiple pulls.

  • Produces extreme glossy finished parts
  • Multiple part pulls per application
  • Exceptionally easy to apply and buff to a shine
  • Leaves an abrasion resistant wax film
  • Suitable for use as a storage wax when tooling molds are not in use.
  • Stoner’s #1 selling mold release wax paste globally.
  • Suitable with both large and small part molding.
Pack Size
312 g


Maximum Mold Release Wax V3
Code: ST-M0811V3

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