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Hybrid Ceramic Pre-Wax Prep


Code: G220416

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  • Removes minor paint defects including swirls and bonded contaminants.
  • Leaves paint glossy, enhancing colours and brightness.
  • Lays down a sophisticated Si02 Hybrid Ceramic base layer of protection enabling the very best performance when applying a follow-up application of either our Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax (G200416) or Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax (G190526).
  • Super easy application – goes on and wipes off easily.


Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Pre-Wax Prep will remove swirls, light scuffs and etching while leaving a foundation layer of Si02 Hybrid Ceramic protection on the paint surface. This base layer promotes bonding when applying a follow up coat of either our Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax or Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax for a truly resilient and durable bond, enabling extreme, professional-standard paint protection with extreme water-beading action.


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Pack Size
473 ml


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