Hyper Dressing Detailer

Hyper Dressing


Code: DRTU17032
  • Produces a high-shine finish on non-painted rubber, plastic and vinyl parts on your car’s interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Has multiple applications, including interior and exterior trim pieces, vinyl surfaces, tyres, wheel wells, engine rubber hoses and plastics, & more.
  • Safe to use on any surface and leaves behind a pleasant scent with no oily residue.
  • Pre-diluted, no mixing required.


The choice of professional detailers due to its high versatility and even high gloss shine. A water-based dressing free of oily silicones that creates a rich shine on all interior or exterior vinyl, plastics and rubber.

Pack Size
950 ml


Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner
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Code: DRTU14332
Iron Removing Spray Clay
950 ml
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Code: DRTU200232
Surface Prep
3,79 L
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Code: M12201
Wheel & Paint Iron Decon
3,79 L
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Code: D180101
Detailing Clay Aggressive
Code: C2100

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