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Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant

Pro Hybrid Ceramic Paint Sealant


Code: M2716

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  • Hybrid Ceramic Silicone Dioxide (SiO2) technology makes this our most durable professional automotive paint sealant to date.
  • Incredible gloss, slickness and water beading action on paint and paint protection films
  • Will not stain trims or decals.
  • Can be applied in the sun and is extremely easy to work with.


Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant is an advanced formulation uniquely tailored to deliver a professional strength; resilient liquid paint sealant that offers the very best Hybrid Ceramic technology available today. With a true Si02 foundation, this hybrid ceramic technology-based sealant is formulated to deliver outstanding durability in an extremely easy to use format. It can be applied by hand or with a dual action polisher machine just like a normal wax or paint sealant, but it allows for longer curing times, so it can be applied to the entire vehicle before final buffing to a high gloss shine.

Weight 55 kg
Pack Size
473 ml


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