Mirror Glaze Professional Pro Speed Compound

Pro Speed Compound


Code: M10001
  • Fast cutting compound with advanced micro-abrasive technology.
  • Quick removal of 1200 grit sanding marks for easier polishing.
  • Removes deep scratches, acid rain and severe holograms and swirls.
  • Works equally well on refinish and OEM paints.
  • Autobody /paint shop safe.


A fast-cutting body shop safe compound that removes deep scratches, acid rain and swirls/holograms. Micro-abrasive technology quickly removes 1200 grit sanding marks for easier polishing. Works equally well on both fresh and cured paint finishes. Removes severe paint defects such as scratches, paint transfer, scuffs, oxidation, watermarks and etching. Contains no silicones or waxes – suitable for autobody repair paint workshop environments. Formulated for use with both Rotary and DA Polisher machines.

Weight 5 kg
Pack Size
3.79 L


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