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The Detailers Dream Team


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Meet the Detailers Dream Team

Citrus Power Cleaner Plus – A powerful yet safe cleaner for engine bays, wheel arches, chassis and also carpets and upholstery.

Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner – Safe on all wheels, strips brake dust, dirt and grime from wheel rims. Turns purple as it reacts with grime so you can see it working.

Hyper Dressing – Our premium water-based dressing for all rubber, plastic and vinyl trims, leaving a like-new satin sheen that is not oily.

Iron Removing Spray Clay – The modern way to clay your car. Safely dissolves industrial fall out and similar contamination that has bonded to paint and glass.

All supplied in convenient ready-to-use trigger spray bottles of 946 ml each.

Pack Size
4 x 946 ml


Soft Wash Gel & 3-in-1 Wax
Code: OD91025
DA Microfiber Correction Compound & Microfiber Pad
3,79 L
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Code: OD30069
Hybrid Ceramic Sealant & Citrus Power Cleaner
3,79L + 946ml
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Code: OD27107

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