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Ultra polishing Wax

Ultra Polishing Wax


Code: D16601
  • Offers both extremely impressive paint defect removal (swirls, light scratches, scuffs and etching) while simultaneously offering a highly durable ultra-high-gloss wax protection.
  • Best in class, easy wipe-off allows users to apply product to entire vehicle without having to stop to remove residue – residue never becomes difficult to remove and buff to a shine.
  • Rapidly restore vehicles paint to a swirl and defect free condition while simultaneously applying an extremely resilient paint protection wax. Perfect for professional detailers and enthusiasts!
  • Super-Micro Abrasive Technology (S.M.A.T.) polishing agents provide uniform, fast cutting, while instilling an ultra-high gloss finish.
  • Removes swirls, light to moderate oxidation, blemishes, light scratches, and water spots, etching scuffing.
  • Durable blend of synthetic polymers and premium carnauba wax for best-in-class “cleaner wax” paint protection.

Meguiar’s Ultra Polishing Wax is a revolutionary new all-in-one product that allows for better swirl removal than many dedicated compound polishes while providing wax protection that rivals some of the best dedicated waxes! Developed for both foam and microfiber pads, as well as for hand application, dual-action, forced rotation, and rotary machines.

Weight 5 kg
Pack Size
3.79 L


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3.79 L
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Code: M20501
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40 cm x 60 cm
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