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Engine Oil Motor Flush


Code: 44131.

What it does: Cleans, preventative maintenance & performance The Problem: Dirty Internal Engine Parts Harmful Deposits Sludge Build-up The Solution: Cleans Internal Engine Parts Removes Harmful Deposits Removes Oil Sludge Not all of this sludge is removed during a normal oil change. Using Rislone Engine Oil Motor Flush before every oil change will guard against contaminating new engine oil. – Cleans Internal Engine Parts – Removes Harmful Deposits – Use Before Changing Oil – Quickly Removes Oil Sludge Works on ALL 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles. Use on ANY petrol, LPG or diesel engines. Works with conventional, high kilometre and synthetic engine oil. Dosage: One bottle treats 4 to 6 litres of oil. For larger systems, use on bottle for every 5 litres of oil capacity. 325 ml

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