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G2000 – [Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit]


Code: G2000.

The simple effective way, to restore Headlight Clarity. Just 2 simple coats:



Restoring dull, yellowed & oxidized headlights quick and easy. Prevents re-oxidation for up to a year.

Squeeze a quarter -sized amount of Perfect Clarity Cleaning Solution on to the provided cleaning pad. Using a back & forth motion, thoroughly clean the entire headlight surface. The surface is properly cleaned, when a uniformed, frosted appearance across the entire headlight. Wipe clean with a damp cloth & dry completely.

Apply one, medium wet coat of Meguiar’s Perfect clarity headlight coating to the entire headlight surface & let dry for 3-5  minutes. Follow with a 2nd coat to completely seal the headlight lens. The coating fully cures within 24 hours.

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