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Professional Series Wool Compounding Pad


Code: CB1048

Carways Detail Pro Professional Series Wool Compounding Pad is designed for discerning professionals looking to get the very best results from a wool pad used in conjunction with a rotary polisher. Our unique patented CenteRing system ensures quick attachment to the backing plate for a perfectly aligned and balanced fit every time.

  • Single sided pad with 4-ply high density twisted yarn fibres for fast paint defect removal without causing swirling or hazing.
  • 100% pure wool with 32mm fibres for faster and cooler compounding of automotive paints.
  • Removes moderate to severe paint imperfections including wet and dry sanding, scratches, swirls, oxidation, etching, and heavy orange peel.
  • Unique CenteRing system for quick and accurate pad alignment and balancing – first time every time.
  • Recommended Backing Plate – Carways CB3060 (14 mm metric thread polishers) and CB3060A (5/8-inch imperial thread polishers).
  • Velcro ® backing attachment system for quick pad changes is compatible with almost all backing plates and rotary polishers.
  • 240 mm pad diametre
  • Hand and machine washable

*CenteRing System works best when used with a Carways CenterRing backing plate CB3060 or CB3060A

Weight 0.15 kg


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