Mirror Glaze Professional Diamond Cut Compound 2.0

Diamond Cut Compound 2.0


Code: M8501
  • Super-fast cutting, low swirl compound.
  • Near zero dusting with easy polish residue wipe away.
  • Safe and effective on all clear coats, high solids, lacquers, enamels, refinish and OEM glossy paints.
  • Extremely high gloss finish.
  • Autobody / paint shop safe.


Meguiar’s Diamond Cut 2.0 is the perfect choice when only the absolute best finish will do. The ‘gentlest’ of our aggressive compounds. Traditional diminishing abrasive technology produces a deep rich, high gloss finish on both original and refinish paints. Leaves an extremely refined finish for a cutting compound, making subsequent polishing steps quick and effortless. Removes 1200 grit sanding marks, moderate scratches and other paint defects quickly and safely. Contains no silicones or waxes. Use with a foam compounding pad or wool pad on a rotary polisher for best results.

Weight 4.35 kg
Pack Size
3,79 L


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