Mirror Glaze The Professional Final Inspection

Final Inspection


Code: M3416
  • Meguiar’s Final Inspection is a versatile inspection liquid suitable for use both during the compounding and polishing process and as an inspection spray prior to vehicle handover.
  • Use during the polishing process for easy wiping away of dried-up compound and polish residues.
  • Lubricates both wool and foam polishing pads when starting out with new or clean pads.
  • Use post polishing to remove all traces of polish haze that may otherwise hide residual fine swirls or scour.
  • Excellent as a clay bar lubricant.
  • Body shop / paint shop safe, water-based formula.


High lubricity formula prevents scratching the paint finish while wiping. Easy to use mist-on, wipe-off. Works better than most clay bar lubricants, extending the life of clay bars. Paint shop safe, water-based formula contains no silicones or waxes making it ideal for auto body repair workshops and professional detailers alike. Recommended for use with Meguiar’s Trigger Spray Bottle (D20100) and Supreme Shine Microfibre Towels (X2010EU) for best results.

Weight 0.55 kg
Pack Size
473 ml


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