Rotary Backing Plate

Soft Buff™ Rotary Backing Plate


Code: WRBP14MM 
  • Rotary polisher backing plate designed for use with 17 – 22 cm diametre foam and wool polishing pads.
  • Hook and loop (Velcro® -type) attachment system for easy swapping of pads.
  • Fits all rotary polishers with a 14mm diamtre spindle.
  • Provides perfect balance for comfortable and smooth polishing.


Designed for 7” & 8” Soft Buff™ rotary pads Allows quick and easy pad changes with hook & loop attachment system Self-centering system guarantees pad balance. Fits all rotary polishers with 14mm diameter shaft.

Pack Size
7" & 8" ⌀ pads


Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Finishing pad
7” Ø
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Code: WRFF7
Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Polishing pad
7” Ø
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Code: WRFP7
Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc 6″
6″ ⌀
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Code: DFC6
Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Cutting pad
7” Ø
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Code: WRFC7
Soft Buff DA Foam Finishing Disc 6 "
6″ ⌀
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Code: DFF6

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