Rotary Foam Finishing pad

Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Cutting pad


Code: WRFC7
  • Engineered hard foam technology for use with a rotary polisher.
  • Best suited to moderate to heavy cutting compounds for fast paint defect removal.
  • 17,7 cm (7-inch) diametre pad face.
  • Recessed backing with hook and loop (Velcro®-type) attachment for easy centering and swapping out.
  • Hand and machine washable.


Specifically formulated for use with moderate to heavy cutting compounds for fast and effective paint defect removal. Perfectly balanced rotation for smooth easy buffing. Foam cell technology helps keep the paint surface cool. Can be used with any suitable backing plate and rotary polisher machine.

Pack Size
7” Ø


Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Finishing pad
7” Ø
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Code: WRFF7
Soft Buff™ Rotary Backing Plate
7" & 8" ⌀ pads
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Code: WRBP14MM 
Soft Buff DA Foam Cutting Disc 6″
6″ ⌀
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Code: DFC6
Soft Buff™ Rotary Foam Polishing pad
7” Ø
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Code: WRFP7
Soft Buff DA Foam Finishing Disc 6 "
6″ ⌀
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Code: DFF6

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